New Rule for Upvote Weight Computation

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As announced in Important Announcement from ActnEarn - please read carefully and act that new upvote weight will use number of followers and engagement, from SKORR app, as criteria.

Upvote Weight Computation

UpvoteWeight =0.34 * Channel_Followers_Contribution + 0.33 * Channel_Skorr_Contribution + 0.33 * Channel_Engagement_Contribution

Channel_Skorr_Contribution= min(100,SKorr * Channel_Weight/100)
Channel_Engagement_Contribution = 100*min(1, Engagement * Channel_Weight/100)

Skorr, Channel_weight, and engagement values for each doer will be taken from Skorr app. Therefore, it is important that you all register on that app using the procedure listed in Important Announcement from ActnEarn - please read carefully and act .

If you are not registered on SKORR then Skorr and engagement values will be treated as zero.

Effective Upvote Weight

If account contributed to minimum one post in last 7 posts then the upvote weight = min(LnI x UpvoteWeight x 0.1+ LI x UpvoteWeight,100). That means if a doer is not acting on each post then despite of his/her large influence the upvote weight will reduce significantly

If account is contributing first time then the upvote weight=UpvoteWeight*(1/7)

Details about LI and LnI can be found at Loyalty and Influence Index - LnI by ActnEarn.

Note- This is for information only and no upvote will be done on any comment on this post.

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