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in actnearn •  6 months ago

Today's action is different.

Today you will participate for upvotes by writing your own content about what you feel about actnearn and why others should join it. Then Post that content to your social media channels. Once posted then share the link of your post with us here in reply.

We will upvote your reply as we have been doing.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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if my entry is correct plz reply me.. all action is done.. i can not send any comment and post after this for some time because steemit say me 'power up' so plz reply me
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The contributions made by team are appreciated. But in general the quality and content need to improve.


You need to put more creativity into your posts


Improve your language, grammar etc.

check steemit post and check all post on all social media networks
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That is good but you need to write outside steem.
Still upvoted your post.


When I share your post everywhere. will i share the link after that?

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hello @actnearn where we need to send uploaded post link?
on your post? / on my post?


Task is different today.

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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why do you use indiaTag??


India and kr are two most active communities. We want our service to bring to their attention.

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