ActnEarn Steem Power now is 30K+

in #actnearn2 years ago

This is important for our community to note that our steem power through generous delegations has gone up. It is now 30K+.

We would like to remind our community members that if they contribute actively with good quality posts about our campaigns as listed in Ongoing Campaigns by ActnEarn then when we upvote them then they not only earn actnearn token but steem too.

So what are you waiting for. Jump in now.

Link to Token Launch Post

ActnEarn SMT goes Live!!!



Hey @actnearn

besides campaigns and steem posts, is there any other content I should post here?

You can post anything that you like. But we will upvote and promote only those posts that are supporting our campaigns.

Hello @actnearn... Congratulation reaches 30K SP, hope that useful for the member of the community.