ActnEarn Now Has effective SP of 100K+ - Thnx to alfanso

in actnearn •  4 months ago  (edited)

This is important for our community to note that our own steem power through generous delegations has gone up. It is now 30K+.

Plus we are going to be supported by @alfanso bidbot as per their announcement - Alfanso Will start Doing Manual Curation for ActnEarn Community. And @alfanso has total SP of 70K+.

So ActnEarn community now is being supported by 100K+ SP.

We would like to remind our community members that if they contribute actively with good quality posts about our campaigns as listed in Ongoing Campaigns by ActnEarn then they not only earn actnearn token but significant number of steem too.

So what are you waiting for. Jump in now.

Link to Token Launch Post

ActnEarn SMT goes Live!!!


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