Did You Ever Have a Look at Your Activity Log?

in #activity4 years ago

What About The More Important Activity Log?
Now close your eyes and imagine the ‘activity… log’ which will be shown to us on the day of judgment. Every second, every minute our activity in this world has been recorded.

And Unlike Facebook, you will not be able to edit it in any way, that day. And Neither it will be private but shown to ‘Public.’

Imagine the activity log of your whole life, every minute of it. Displayed to everyone. And presented to Allah Almighty in front of you.

Would you be embarrassed?

Moreover, FB begins to record our activities when we sign up or make an account on this website. Just like Allah SWT has signed us up for this Dunya and given us our personal accounts, personal identity to work with.

Also, unlike Facebook (which records your activity only when you log into this account) here you are permanently logged in, and the deeds are being saved from the very first day of our life, not missing a single blink of an eye.

However, you have the power and chance to edit and delete any activity that may embarrass you or make your Lord upset, as long as you are breathing.

Therefore we should focus our every struggle on maintaining and keeping this activity log always on point, fit for Jannah so that if any minute Allah orders your soul to log out of it you are ready and satisfied to present it proudly before Him.

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