Earn BTS now! It's freakin easy as hell.

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Earn BTS now! It's freakin easy as hell.

  1. Copy the document below..
  2. Edit the 3 lines on the bottom of it
  3. Print it in color
  4. Take an hour out of your busy day to hand it to every business owner in your city.

As a PalmPay Ambassador, you can get paid for every one of those crypto transactions in your city. If you're not an Amb already, let us know via the links below, and we'll put you on the map.

The document:

Fyi, we also have that doc in Spanish, Korean, Dutch, Romanian, Vietnamese, and German.
Telegram: https://www.t.me/Agorise
Keybase: https://keybase.io/team/Agorise


Will this be Valid Or should i say used In NEPAL

Yes, both the PalmPay point of sale Dapp and the BiTSy mobile wallet are in 104 languages. The link to the flyer is above, PalmPay is the first step to getting Nepal's crypto economy moving. This way many forms of currencies can enter Nepal, and not have to leave Nepal.
PalmPay download shortcut:

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