Knowing My Role

in activism •  22 days ago

Before he was one of the leading action movie stars, Dwayne Johnson ruled the rings of World Wrestling Entertainment as "The Rock". He relied on an array of catchphrases to aggravate and incite his opponents and electrify the crowd. One of these was "Shut your mouth and know your role!"

Now I've basically determined what my role is in #TheResistance. But I now find myself asking myself if an idea of mine that seems to be in my wheelhouse really is.

An interview in The Nation led me to download a sample of a book on how to survive a post-Roe America. I think some activists in and around Harrisburg may be interested in reading it and even using it as a manual for a modern #maidez, the resistance movement in the novel and Hulu hit Handmaid's Tale.

But is such an undertaking for me? What business does a; 40-something, White, Cisgender, Male who lives in suburbia trying to organize a group that will likely be working mainly with women, especially women of color. I could get the project going, then step back as more members of the affected communities come on board.

I don't plan to do anything with this yet; I still need to finish the sample of the book.

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