My Actifit Report Card: December 20 2019

in #actifit2 years ago

Hey guys!

It's another day again and I'm having an increased count daily. This is an evidence that I'm engaging in more activities compared to the last week that I was having less than 2k counts

I'm beginning to eat more these days and I'm taking more supplements so I can stay healthy. I've been a bit lean but I'm currently taking multivitamins to replenish

I engaged in my normal daily activities and I had about 4k counts today

That will be all for today.

Keep fit and stay healthy



My brother this is called food fitness😄😄😄😄

healthy dish right there, glad you are feeling better and the cole slaw salad looks good. :)

Yes man... I love salad so much 😋

me too, a lot of greens have the same amounts of Iron and nutrients as meat, am all about beans and greens