My Actifit Report Card: December 12 2019

in #actifit2 years ago

Hey guys!

I hope you're all doing fine

I didn't do any workout today cos I've just been indoor since morning. I've not been feeling well for the past few days due to malaria parasite

In the evening I tried to get a few step count by going to watch Arsenal match. I really don't know the problem with Arsenal. Despite getting their coach replaced, nothing seems unchanged. Getting a win is something they still struggle for

Anyway I still managed to have about 3k count today. Though it's not much due to the fact that I had just a few walk count.

That will be up for now

Stay healthy and keep fit!



Praying for a speedy recovery, take care. Dm me if you need anything

Sorry friend. I pray you get better soon

So the other day you were pretending to lift weights, today you turned on the TV to watch Arsenal....what will it be tomorrow? Opening a packet of cigs and taking the top off a beer bottle? Lol

Actifit mid term report : D-

Get well soon fella and take it easy until you feel better....oh you are doing already. Good man ;-)

I've not really been feeling well recently but I still manage to do little fitness. I still go to the gym but I don't do much

As for watching football match, I don't like to miss it. Only death can take that away from me. Haha! 😁

Wait till Leeds play Arsenal in the FA Cup 3rd round on Jan 3rd ;-)