My Actifit Report Card: September 9 2019

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Anchor Beach and Woodmont

This morning I was up at my usual time and decided to visit the beach again for sunrise, for me its the best way to start the day on the days I do not have to go into the city, and you may be thinking its Monday isnt that a working day, well yes it is but I had an appointment today so I telecommuted and worked from home so was able to get in my early morning beach walk, today visiting three of the local beaches starting at Anchor Beach

I did about 6000 Steps at the beach this morning and the rest was done with just random things I had to do and moving around the house.

This first shot is one of the benches in the Woodmont area with a nice view over the water, now I normally say that I seldom stop and sit on my walks, but today after taking this shot I did sit there for a few minutes, my calves were really not enjoying the walk this morning so a nice sit down was needed and with a view like this, not a bad place to sit and have a breather.
it was at this stage I decided not to put off calling my Vascular Doctor for a checkup, so once they were open I called and explained what was going on and have an appointment tomorrow morning, so will be good to get this sorted and get back to walking without issues again soon

1 woodmont.jpg

Sony A7iii 28mm F8 1/60 Sec ISO 125
Click here to view larger

This next shot is taken at achor beach it wasnt a spectacular sunrise but still pleasant with some interestign cloud formations

1 woodmont2.jpg

Sony A7iii 24mm F8 1/160 Sec ISO 125
Click here to view larger

these first two shots were taken with my camera, I did take many others but only had time to process these two so the rest of the shots in this post are taken with my iPhone

In Woodmont at the start of my walk. A shot of one of the trees overlooking the beach


iPhone XS
Click here to view larger

The colors of the sunrise all be it fairly subtle one way, and the morning blues looking the other way from Anchor beach


iPhone XS
Click here to view larger

And I walked to Burwell beach to check out the Villa Rosa mansion again and as you can see I also was taking shos with my camera along the walk


iPhone XS
Click here to view larger

And some of you may remember this stop sign which has been in a couple of actifit posts in the past, I had to walk around to see if it had changed from the last time I was there and sure enough it has now decorated for the coming of fall.


iPhone XS
Click here to view larger

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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!steemitworldmap 41.225012 lat -73.0786122 long Woodmont Beach Milford CT d3scr

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I love that first photo - I can imagine, sitting there on the bench in the morning, watch the sunrise and do nothing would be wonderful ... I don't think I would go back and to work, until the sunrise is over.

Great photos as always, JJ, I wish you good luck today 😊

Thanks it is such a beautiful spot, to sit and relax, and lucky for me yesterday I did not have to worry about getting to the office

YOu to have a good day and thanks :)

Thank you JJ,
now I don't only envy you for this beautiful beach - I want this bench too ;)

I think its the first time I ever sat on that bench as I prefer walking most times and get bored sitting for long but I actually enjoyed sitting there for a couple of minutes yesterday I must admit

I would love to sit there at sunrise and reply to the comments I have got over night :)

I did that actually when I took the break to sit down I did reply to a couple of comments :)

I always have a look if there's something to reply, when I'm somewhere on a nice place, especially when I wait for something to photograph, like a bird or a deer ;)

See I am the opposite when I am out walking I seldom sit and hence do not check my phone to send any replies so I do not know if any !BEER has come in

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Hey @tattoodjay, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

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Hey @tattoodjay, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

that's what I was saying, your photo's are so pretty. I love this place where I can see the sea.

I do love my morning walks by the water

#1 is really magical!
#2 and #3 probably my fave from this series; it really looks like a sunset for me. (only #4 I see it is morning). I'd be more than happy to have sea in such a walking distance! god bless your job, let it give you more days like this!


Sometimes it is hard to tell whether its a sunrise or sunset, but these are indeed sunrise shots, thanks for your feedback its always nice to hear what people think helps me to adjust what I do when taking and editing photos
ITs interesting for me that your favs are one taking with my camera and one with my phone shows how much better phone cameras are these days
I am truly lucky with having the beaches a short drive away from me where I am living and doubly lucky that my boss is so good and allows me to telecommute when I have medical appointments, and a plus of that is I will maybe be able to get another beach walk in tomorrow as I will telecommute tomorrow as well as I have to go and follow up with another Dr since my legs are playing up again

Thanks again for your visit and feedback :)

Wow! Early morning walk by the beach to catch the sunrise! How nice and beautiful!

I hope you are keeping strong and in excellent health!

Good luck.

Thanks so nice of you to visit, and yes doing OK, have some small issues with my health but seeing a Doctor tomorrow so I hope I will get that sorted quickly

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Thanks so much, I appreciate the support


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Congratulations @tattoodjay, Keep up the great work!

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Thanks so much, I do appreciate the support :)

What a view!! That's a wonderful moment to sit and take a break indeed, looks like such a treat. Hopefully you get your issue sorted real quick and it's just something minor so you can get back to having comfortable walks. Good luck tomorrow. :)

Thanks for your visit, It is such a lovely spot for a walk to start the day for sure I am lucky to have it so close, I am sure tomorrow will go fine a quick scan and see the Dr, and then if i am right a procedure coming up soon to clean up the scarring forming inthe stent sin my legs, have had the procedure three times now putting the stents in and cleaning out one of them so I know it well and its easy I just lay back and chill the Doctors do all the work :)

Sounds scary to me!! OMG but if it's a procedure you are used too then I guess you become somewhat comfortable with the idea, especially knowing how much you will benefit from it afterwards. Good to know it's something easily taken care of.

It is a little bit scary especially when they use the medical name for it, but I made a deal with the doctor last time, and now after i suggested it, he refers to it as a grease and oil change which sounds a lot better LOL

Haha...That's cute! whatever makes it more comfortable in the end.

cute or crazy I am not sure but it makes my wife worry less when I call it a grease and oil change L:OL

I like the first image, a lot of golden sparkle that glows in the eastern horizon

Thanks for your feedback it was a lovely way to start the day

You're welcome sir

thanks again have a great day

How lovely!!! Your photos brings me to state of wonderment of the beauty that only God can create. Btw, I ended up going to a festival yesterday!

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Ohhyes gods magic is truly evident when you catch a nice sunrise my favorite way to start the day :)

Just saw your post looks like a fun festival to go to :)

I hope your doctor visit tomorrow provides you with some relief. It's no picnic trying to do the things you love when you are hurting. More beautiful early morning shots. I really like the bench photo, the colors really pop.

Thanks Kindly, the Visit today will just confirm what it is and either will give relief that I am wrong that the stents are not blocking up, or will confirm what I suspect and they are and then I will need to schedule a procedure to clean them out, I have had the procedure three times already so I know what its all about and not stressed about it will just be glad to get it done

thanks again

I managed to go to contemplate in the evening on that lonely bench and feel the cool breeze while the new hours arrive to.

I am sure any time of day that bench is a nice spot to go sit and relax :)


And in allt he times i have been to that spot yesterday was the first time I sat on it LOL

And after so many times of having gone and finally sitting down, what was your experience?

I did enjoy sitting but only because it gave my legs a break, I normally like to keep moving to hyper to sit still for long

I have experienced the same when I climb the mountain, I can be walking for a long time without sitting down and enjoy the view feeling like my muscles are coupled to physical effort

A couple of weeks ago it was only going up or down stairs I felt tightness an in my muscles now its just even when walking on flat terrain,

She sighs.

I love starting the day out with walks on the beach and you really pumped up the pretty with this series. As we turn into the fall, I think the color gets more brilliant than ever.

Oh, but, I say that for every season!

I love that sign and I think people have a great time with it!

As always, have a great day tomorrow!


I to love beach walks any day it smore comfortable at this time of year but I sometimes go for them even in Winter, I think your right fall can bring out some wonderful sunrises, but so too can winter and so many miss them because it is cooler

Have a greta day my friend

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Thanks so much for the tip truly appreciated

Lovely sunrise! I absolutely love water pictures. These are all amazing. Sorry to hear about your leg issues. I hope they get all that figured out and set to rights so you can walk comfortably!

Thanks as you may have noticed I do love walking by the water I find it so relaxing ;)
I am sure the doctor will be able to confirm what it is and schedule a procedure soon so I am back out and about walking as much as I used to :)

Good luck at the doctor's. I pray it is nothing serious.

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Thanks, its nothing to serious if I get onto it quickly which I am, wellif it is what I think it is and I am 90% sure, a check today a small procedure to clean out the Stents soon and I will be back to normal :)

Sending good vibes your way, I hope it is what you think it is.

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Well I was wrong the blood flow was good, so it may be I have twinged the muscles he thinks so I am going to put a heating balm on it and take it easy for a few days and see how it goes, hopefully it will ease off but its great news its no a blood flow issue

I'm glad to hear it isn't a vascular issue! Hopefully, in a few days you will be good as new.

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Yes indeed is good that the blood is flowing good and no procedure needed

well I was wrong the blood flow is fine, which did come as a surprise, the Dr thinks I may have pulled or twinged the muscles, I am putting a heating balm on them and hopefully they will settle down after a few days

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Thanks so much I appreciate the support and resteem

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Hey @tattoodjay, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Sorry to hear the calves are hurting, at least the mind was eased, by sitting enjoying a spectacular sunrise over the water.

The older we get the more oil and greasing we need to keep the joints and muscles going, hope you feel in tip top condition again soon.

Wind blown tree along the shoreline another lovely capture!

Its OK and I am doing OK, just being cautious checking it out I used to put things off till I couldn't but I know how bad this will get if I leave it, getting older has given me some common sense LOL

Thanks for your visit and have a great day

Getting older is not for sissies, so they say. Yes slower healing when we do injure!

YEs indeed i was very sensible this morning and just took a slow walk direct to my office and will continue to do so for this week i guess and then see how I am doing but I do miss my morning walks LOL

That second shot is pretty amazing. They can all be not great sunrises if they look like that. I'd take it any day! Looks like you had a great walk and I hope you get your health stuff sorted out.

Thanks I must admit even if it is a dull sunrise which was the case this mornings, I still love my mornings visit to the beach.

Thanks all will be good I have been through this before so know the routine at least ;)

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Thanks I always appreciate the support

I do remember seeing that mansion in some of your other pictures. It really looks like an amazing place to live, so close to the water.

Great pictures as usual!

Yes I still have to edit some shots of it and its other buildings that I took with my camera and do a post it has an interesting history

You got a lovely start to the day... other than the calves...
Hope you got/getting them sorted out...

Three beaches... lucky you! :)

There are a total of 177 Beaches here but I am not sure where some start and end some of them run into each other,

the good news is my blood flow is fine so it smost likely I have twinged or pulled the muscle in my leg somehow, will be putting a heating balm in it for a few days and see how it goes

Wow! 177 beaches???
Take it easy for awhile, no over-doing it even if light exercise might be of help... Hope it clears up soon...

Oops that was a typo its 17 Beaches for some reason my desktop or Keyboard i should say seems to like doing double for the number 7 LOLand yes I am taking it easy this week, its a Struggle for me but i have to

The picture with the bench reminds me of a sequence from Life is Strange..memories..

I will have to google Life is Strange not sure i have seen it

It's a game actually ;)

YEs I saw that whenI looked it up not one i have played

One of the best place to past the free time.

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I think so I do love my beach walks I must say

Walking is our life JJ and taking pictures such as nice as this is the other part of it.
So, it's not the blood flow, but muscles instead!
My calves pain since I started the statins, but everyone tells me that it's not the statins. What did he give you to treat the muscles with?

Ohh yes we are the same in that regard, I am lost if I can't get out walking, He didn't give me anything for the calves as that's not his area as long as the blood is flowing thats his area,
but I was thinking about it after seeing him and I did hurt my knee before all this started and I may well have stressed my calves while favoring my knee so I am taking it easy for a few more days and putting on tiger balm which is good for muscle pain and I hope it will ease off after a few days

I have bene on the statins for a while and do feel some aches but not so much in my calves till now so it may be just pulled or twinged muscles I think

Do you ever stretch before you go gallivanting my friend?
I find that it helps to ease the pain.
Feet flat on the ground and hands at shoulder height against a wall. Walk backwards with the feet as far as you can. Then walk back some more until your legs screams?

I remember doing similar stretching before running maybe I need to try doing it these days a good post my and thanks for the idea

Only trying to help JJ, as the stretches have become routine for me to relieve the pain. When I feel that excruciating pain I lean against a wall and stretch.

Thanks it is appreciated I have started to do some little stretches before getting off the train not sure if it is helping since I haven’t been doing long walks this week but just starting Ng to try and make it a habit

Glad to hear and once it becomes a habit I am sure that you will feel the benefits my friend.

And it’s a good habit to get into so let’s see how it helps moving forward

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great pictures

Thanks Kindly ;)

Very good landscapes turned out. On the bench I want to sit down. I always forget my tripod at home ... :-))

I seldom take my tripod into the city its just a pain to take it on the train, but with the days getting shorter and darker I may have to take it sometimes

I know that you need a tripod for night shooting ... and I forget it anyway... heh :)

I dont do much night shooting but I do use it for early mornings shooting

I agree, early in the morning the light is good, but not strong enough. But in the morning I will forget the tripod ... I guess so :-)

It’s easy to forget I am on the train now and forgot mine but that may be good I have a busy day ahead

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Second shot is my favourite. Beautiful clouds ! You seem to track these down no matter what the day !

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks for the feedback and I don’t Find them everyday but on the days I do I capture and save them for sharing later so ch as in this post the first two were from a week or two ago

haha! I like that street sign! Man, when you have an ocean the sunset and sunrise views are just exceptional!

I to love the sign I will swing back there every so often to see what else they come up with :)
Ohh yes I agree noting like sunrises or sunsets over the ocean :)

But where you are moving to is inland isn't it? I forgot exactly where, Maine?