Are you recording your steps ?? Are you doing exercise regularly ??--- here is actifit help you to records everything: August 27 2018

in actifit •  3 months ago

Enjoying actifit service is too good.

I fal in love with this Apps . During today I have not found too much time but managed to record my activity using actifit, but still I am happy...

Keep stay with actifit community...

Aerobics, Daily Activity, House Chores, Walking
170 cm
65.4 kg
Body Fat
85 cm
55 cm
97.3 cm

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Don't be upset. Sometimes you may not have enough time to do exercise but you should be persistent to do this in a regular basis.
This app is very good app. Its rating is also good. Just follow the instructions and make yourself owner of good physique.


Yes thank you..

Will you making mind to join this Actifit -athon ???

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Wow @minnosupport

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Hi @actifit

Thanks for support us we like minnows.....!!!

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Hello @mcfarhat
sorry ,
I Will take care off this and ,
I shall be cautious while posting in future ..
Sorry once again.!!!