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RE: [5x SBI Raffle] Can we heal cognitive dissonance? 🇮🇹 Si può curare la dissonanza cognitiva? [5x SBI a Sorteggio]

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I didn't really like how the video had al that nature stuff. It seemed like a trick to try and keep me calm while it makes a bold claim. I have never really looked deeply into if the towers could have fallen as they did. In general, I don't believe the claims in the video but will try to see what else you show.


Thanks for your valuable comment, dear @stever82!

I understand why the YT "Freedom Cooking" channel's communication mode bothered you, but I personally exclude any conspiracy theory in trying to instill any convictions nobody, being just a communication mode used from 2016 to today for 12 videos (see playlist below).

I love this communication mode! Does it tell us all that we are part of nature, despite everything?

You do well NOT TO BELIEVE... and in my humble opinion, BELIEVE is "the evil" of our era: one that is fundamentally based on falsehood. This is why I love this video about Critical Thinking

Yes please: try to see what I'll share with critical thinking!

A huge hug 🤗 and a 🍺 !BEER token!

Oh I did, I spent a few hours looking into to what is in that video. The issue is I can't really find real evidence online. It is pretty hard to trust random videos I see online. But I do see her points but read a few sites with counterpoints. It was fun to dig into for a while

I completely agree!
The point is that you don't have to believe nor trust in anyone, but to realize what is true by yourself.
This is the goal of my "pills": to arouse curiosity and interest with small informative doses.
I'm preparing right now my next interesting and curious post... stay tuned! ;)

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