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Today was the third day of a self-planned workout. I do a series of activities and I get tired and that is my workout.

I’m proud to say that I am doing things that I could not do last year. The chiropractic adjustment series I completed has helped. Yoga also helps too.

Drinking a moderate amount of coffee helps reduce back pain. It’s true. Believe it. The caffeine tightens your muscles just slightly enough to create a tension. Drinking more and more acidic coffee throughout the day makes it worse.

Drinking water sometime within the hour while consuming coffee is important for keeping muscles hydrated. Have you ever noticed the standard water jug in coffee shops. Some places actually give you mineral water with your drink. Bubbles fix everything.

I injured my back while over stretching (for a box) while my muscles were hydrated only by donuts and coffee. That is dehydration. Oh! My bladder was also full. This combination caused a few tears in my butt muscles. I could move a poop and stuff, but it hurt my butt. Thankfully, it’s healed and I probably don’t need to talk about it too much more. 😬

Thankfully, I’m only running for life’s longevity and not for my life. I’ve never had to, but my heart goes out to those that have.


My Actifit looks weird...



“It’s better than nothing.”
That’s what they told me once.
It’s not really a crypto. Is it really a coin?
The product the participants can purchase are not available to those who have traded Sweatcoin. (I’ll add a screen shot in an edit, ASAP.)
PayPal is gone. I think it’s gone because the PayPal gift card was also dictating the price.
Reduced or eliminate trading incentive, and no more PayPal equal less price fluctuation, right?

It’s better then nothing (after 6 years of walking).

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I better see some six-pack action in a few months.

Oh dang, I never even had a six pack when I was kick boxing. I'm focusing on my core and that might give me a six by "accident".
Thanks for the encouragement. 💪

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