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Part of the attraction many have to STEEM is that our blockchain has real world use cases. It's a crypto currency and blockchain that is USED everyday by thousands of real people.

No theory. No crazy promises for 5 years down the road. No ICO.

Just a working project that has attracted a diverse group of developers to it. And when these developers start getting to work on STEEM, great things happen....

Imagine using this blockchain to...Lose weight?

Being PAID for being active. Tracking your activity and rewarding you for doing so....

Too good to be true right?

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to....


So exactly what is ActiFit?

This is a screen shot of ActiFit describing itself from it's website!


Yup, you read that right....

It's a mobile application that downloads to either you iOS or Android device, and tracks your movements throughout the day.

Once you hit 5000 steps, you are rewarded in both STEEM and their native token AFIT!

Wait A Minute...You Said Both STEEM and AFIT?

Yup, that's the best part. You are actually rewarded with two tokens!

STEEM is the blockchain that this application is built upon and traded on dozens of exchanges online. Plus you also receive their native token AFIT, which is ready to be traded on the Steem-Engine platform and many others in the coming months.

O.K. This Sounds Great...How Do I Get Started?

Super simple!

1. First go to either the Google Play or Apple AppStore and search for 'ActiFit'
2. Download the app and sign with with your private POSTING key!
3. Choose either to track via your smartphone, or link to your FitBit.
4. Get active!

Checking Out The DApp (iOS version)

Here's a quick screen shot of the app once it's downloaded to your phone. As you can see, it's very easy to navigate and find what you are looking for...


And before midnight, each day, you can set the app up to prompt you to post to it. This is very easy to do, but you can get quite detailed in each post...Including weight, height, body fat % and so much more...

I keep things simple, a picture and a few sentences of how I'm feeling after the day...


(Don't make fun of my 689 steps so far...I haven't done much yet at 11 am lol)

But one of my favorite features of the application is the history of my activity...I have search back over time and see how many steps I've done each day...

This is great for tracking your progress over time and seeing where you missed a few days...

Kinda like this screen shot I'm sharing...Yeah, I need to get more active LOL


Here's the 'Skinny'...

I'm a huge fan of ActiFit and have even delegated to the project...Which is even a sweeter deal because I not only get AFIT tokens for my activity on the app...I also get daily rewards payments too.

Obviously, the investment side of it is a bonus but still...It shows you the potential of this project and how popular it has become already.

I believe it'll be apps like this that will help introduce more people to STEEM and to blockchain potential. This is something EVERYONE can use, and can benefit from...Plus with it's amazing development team behind it, I think ActiFit has a huge future....

And this is just the beginning :)

ActiFit is featured in your 'DApps of STEEM' training module inside of SteemSavvy.

Be sure to check them out, download their app and get busy :)

You can now stay healthy and earn crypto at the same time....What an amazing concept!


Okay I will give it a try and see how it goes.

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Yeah man, doesnt have to be heavy activity either...Just daily walking and moving around is all tracked.

That is a good thing as I have an air tank hooked to me. Lol

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