Because titles count towards your rc cost so say some shit that matters you dumb mother fuckers. My Actifit Report Card: October 3 2018

in actifit •  6 months ago

Literally everything you do costs in a blochain world and that is not much different than in the real world since it may cost but the fact that it costs just does not matter.

Like life the fact that we work hard and do good just does not matter as much even less when doing those things to the best of your ability costs you other things the more you sacrifice the less it might seem you get in return. Not that good people expect anything and nor should they expectation is a waste of time but not if it is from yourself you must always expect from yourself.

Confusing enough? Anyway I sacrificed quite a few steps today by being a lazy twat that and I kept forgetting to make coffee which means I did not walk to make coffee as much and believe me that is a lot of walking but not a big loss since I did walk to boil the kettle about 3times before remembering I boiled it already.

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