Ulog 2: Actifit Caffeine and Monday Mornings

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Hello lovely Steemlings.

Time for my second ulog and to share a bit more about the real me :)

Grab a cup of coffee (I got one) and enjoy!

Yesterday I introduced my other half @cryptoandzen. Today is our Fur Baby - the Princess Cat Ava. She has had the (un)fortunate lot in life of being our surrogate baby. Consequently, she's spoilt, runs the house, and alternates between being a miss bossy boots and a sooky-bub. As I mentioned in my last post we are going through the adoption process and I'm really not sure how she will deal with Miss Two when she finally comes around! BTW Miss Two is the nickname we are using until the adoption stuff is done and dusted - mostly as our matching is for a two year old girl.. so kinda makes sense.. I couldn't keep saying "her" or" it"!

So today is Monday and another work week rolls around. I have to say it can get hard to get motivated! Even with my large cup of coffee. I have what many would consider the enviable position of being able to work from home... mostly because my office is approx 500kms away :)

For the most part, this is a great thing - at least Ava seems to think so!


Cute as she is, this actually becomes pretty damn annoying!

But back to working from home. It takes discipline. For instance, as much as I want to, I cannot stay in my PJ's all day. I have to make a point of getting up, showering and changing. Though I'll be honest - it's mostly active wear - much to my snobby North Shore princess friends disgust!

I do draw the line at wearing it anywhere other than the house, the gym or on a walk - I have some pride after all! Plus I'm pretty sure that will be embarrassing for Miss Two once she becomes Miss 13!

I try to start my days with a morning walk (and a large cup of coffee) - if I don't have a gym session with the trainer. I was stoked when last night @cryptoandzen started telling me about #actifit the brainchild of @actifit :) Basically you can earn tokens for exercising! If you walk and have an android phone – I really recommend you check this one out HERE in the original post.

Hmmm, steps for crypto... sounds right up my alley. So at the bottom of my ulog posts you will also now see my daily step count - which is not actually a bad idea because it keeps me accountable. I'll be honest again. I like the idea of lots of exercise and getting fit...making me do it is a really hard task though. I still where my FItBit as it calculates pretty much everything I do where I have to have my phone on me for actifit to count the steps. It would be great if they can sync up at some stage. Fitbit do have a way that challenges can’t be manually manipulated so there must be a way to stop people “gaming” the system. But of course way beyond my brain capacity to work that out lol!

Confession time. I sometimes pretend not to get my trainers text to confirm a time..... God, I know I'm awful! I do always make it up during the week so he doesn't lose any money. I'm not totally awful...just a teeny bit!
I'm really lucky as I live not far from a beautiful lake that is great for the early morning walk (although I wasn't saying that this morning at 4 degrees! (but what I said is not repeatable!)


Managed to snap some nice shots on my new Samsung 9 - I almost don't need to use filters lol! (For those who missed yesterdays post - I have a thing about filtering everything - for the sake of my ulog posts I will try to do that much less - or at least heads up when its filtered - honesty and transparency and I can also only do baby steps cant go cold turkey! haha)


And of course just to keep it real like I promised - here's me with my absolutely 100 percent necessary large size coffee hit! (wince) unfiltered, no make up cold as all buggery so slightly red faced.


You might have worked out - I LOVE coffee!

Now if I was filtering - not that I would - but just say I did.... it would be more like this (hehe)


Anyway that's enough of sharing for today.. I need to go recover from putting out a photo of me with no makeup or filters on!

Steem on with Love and Light everyone!

@shellyduncan tracked today a total of 17461 steps via Actifit Fitness Tracker.
This involved performing activity related to Walking


My beautiful UpCats were designed by the one and only beautiful @ryivhnn and are based on my beautiful Ava the Princess Cat

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4C is too bloody cold, you're much braver than me, if it's too cold i refuse to get up early XD

No makeup looks fine what are you traumatised about:)



Lol i blame my little sister.. her favourite pastime is to find godawful photos of me from the 80s and post them on facebook!

welcome on board
@actifit community grows day by day.
we wait for your first step count :)


thanks.. I did actually post from the tracker.. I realised when I edited the post on here I deleted the step count by accident! I'm actually on today's leaderboard at #4 (I am just a teeney weeney bit competitive lol)

Very constructive story, plus i like those lake beautiful shots... And wish you the best with adoption..


thanks so much - it's a beautiful part of the world


Sound cool.. it will be fun for one to checking in there hehe.. thx for share @shellyduncan

I hate Monday morning personally, back to monotonous daily weekly routine.

Congrats! You just reached the top level milestone via using Actifit fitness tracker and provided Proof of Activity!
You accordingly gained 100 Actifit tokens for attaining 17461 steps!
You also received an 20.26% upvote via @actifit account.

awww must be so exciting to meet Miss Two soon!!

btw does IOS/iphone have that tracker? haha would love one

oh one more thing.. you said north shore.. do you live in sydney!!? :P

I searched “how to sync fitbit and artifit”, and your post came up first. :)
I just found out actifit, and it will be great to motivate myself to fit.
Thank you for noticing that fitbit and artifit are not syncing.
Following you now. :)