Actifit Submits Cross-Chain With Hive

in #actifitlast year

I just made my first Actifit post in a VERY long time. I hadn't used it since Hive started so I was wondering which chain it was on now. In the app it says "Post to Steem" so I figured that was that. After I posted I saw it showed up on Steem and I decided to move on to post something else on Hive.


When I got to Hive, I noticed that my Actifit post was there without any extra effort on my part! I think the extra incentive of double chain rewards will really make me stick to logging my activity daily! With my self-imposed quarantine, that is something I REALLY need!


Hello dear @samuel-swinton.

This is more important news than you imagine since there is currently a "meeting of interests" regarding re-publishing the same content on both channels:
On the one hand in Steemit there is the promotion of the #steemexclusive tag, that seems to me a healthy idea about it. On the other hand, in Hive, double publications were being ignored by curators.

It is remarkable that a recognized Dapp, such as Actifit, allows double publications to be made with just a simple click. This would give a new meaning (Positive in my opinion) to cross-posting between chains.

All best, Piotr.