I can't post anymore. Whale retaliation makes it pointless.

I want to know what that is Whale retaliation you are talking about. I am kinda new here.. Is it the downvotes?

Yep downvotes. My account automatically votes along with some others using my downvotes to fight other large accounts who are trying to abuse the reward system. Those abusers retaliate and make it impossible for my posts to earn any rewards. So ... whats the point? I am still walking and being active, just not posting. :)

Still giving out my votes to other actifitters :D

Cool! thank you for the info.. Now, I understand why my posts doesn't earned.

No, you dont have any downvotes.

Sorry to hear about your downvotes -- only, recently, am I discovering I have a few of those, too.

Wishing you continued health, walking. I'm trying out a vegan diet, lately, and walking is my favorite form of exercise (next to swimming, which I don't do as often).

If you're looking to read some poetry or inspiring reflections, from time to time, I invite you to visit my blog, here :)

Have a healthy, happy day!