My Actifit Report Card: February 23 2024.....High Five Friday👣 💨🍃🙌👋💯🙏😇✨💤😴🛌🎶🎵🎼

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Hello everyone 👋,

TGIF ✨ and a very warm welcome to my world 😊.As always I am so grateful for this day.
It's been wonderful stepping it out 💯, now that it's almost bedtime 💤 let's quickly take a look at how my day has been and also share some of the trending stories. As always thank you for reading and let's take it away 💨.
So I started the day with a short brisk walk around the neighbourhood, today was a little warmer than yesterday which motivated me to keep going. Then I was back indoors for some resting and some of the little household chores here and there. Later in the afternoon I had some few errands at the city centre. Then back home I squeezed in the usual nap before the evening set in. Next came the slow paced evening walking session enjoying the cool breeze🍃.Throughout the day I have been following up on the trending news, that's next.
Locally, a rather quiet day except for the usual political shenanigans 😹. In the rift valley people paid their last respects at the funeral of world record holder Kelvin Kiptum who died in a car crash at 24😭.
On the continent, debate on ditching the CFA franc began as Burkina Faso Mali and Niger forge a new path. No more French control😹.
Globally, more than 100 Palestinians killed in past 24 hours😭. Israeli military has shelled residential buildings in central Gaza and Rafa😿.
More suffering for Palestinians as UNRWA chief warns the agency is at a breaking and ability to fulfill its mandate is under threat. 16 countries including UK and US have suspended funding to UNRWA totalling $450 million🙀.
Let's go to Europe, where the Hague trending as the hearings on Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories kept going. Today was Qatar and UK's turn to present.
Qatar rejected Israel occupation of Palestine terming it illegal and a threat to international security🙀. While the UK said there should immediate suspension of fighting in Gaza and work towards a two state solution..
Then, former Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz found guilty of perjury🙀.
Also trending, a huge fire in Valencia Spain gutted a 14 storey apartment building killing ten people last night😭.
Across the pond in the US, president Biden has introduced new sanctions on Russia after the killing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.
Meanwhile back in Russia, his mother has been given hours to agree to his secret burial🙀.
It's a wild world😿.
Please allow me to stop here for today, but do watch out for furry boy Bob😹 and yours truly tomorrow on an amazing Caturday🐈. Until then stay safe, take care and adios 💖💞💗. Hakuna Matata😎.

Some pictures from the road side 🌲🌴🍁🥬🍀☀️🔆🌄
23 FebA.jpg

23 FebB.jpg

23 FebC.jpg

23 FebD.jpg

23 FebE.jpg

23 FebF.jpg

23 FebG.jpg

Some Fantastic Health Nuggets

Some fantastic music 🎵🎶🎼

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