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RE: My Actifit Report Card: January 15 2020 A morning walk and some art

So! Tomorrow you will enter the age where wisdom starts young man. 60 is a great milestone and I will surely send you a kiss tomorrow lol.
Lovely photos as usual and the sun's glimmer in that street is stunning.
But the one that I like the most is the coach.


Ye snow in my 60's I remember when I was young thinking that was old, now I see it as young at heart at least LOL

The coach was so cool to see

A Happy Birthday to you my friend.
Marian also wishes you the very best.
May our Lord grant you many more by his grace.
Have yourself a great party as the next big one is ten years away Lol

I had a nice quiet day with Lulu at home, my ideal way to spend a birthday, no need for a party, I like birthday parties for others but not for me :)

We are so similar that at times it's scary.
Welcome to the sixties my friend and glad that you made it.
Very soon a whole new life will start for you and we pray that you will take to it like a duck takes to water.

Its funny when I was in my 20s or 30s I thought the idea of people inthe 60s as old and scary, now that I am there i dont think it is either ;)

Looking forward to this next stage of my life

Like I said, welcome to the club and you have only grown wiser my friend.

Not sure about the wiser, maybe a little :)


👌 🤣 👌

I think a lot Lol.