My Actifit Report Card: February 9 2020

in #actifit4 years ago

Still my plus sized self. I didn't do much walking around today hence my low step count. Took this pictures right after service today and looking back to compare the sizes of all present was just I intend to do something decisive about it this week though. Happy Sunday Actifiters!

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am in America so you are normal not plus size but love the great energy of the church post church pics, it makes me inspired to keep on the straight and narrow path of trying to do what's good and right
have a good week!

Oh boy! I wish I could relocate to the US! I am a size 14 and sometimes I even wear the odd 16s. The picture is kinda deceptive though, made me look much smaller than I am. Glad this inspired you...#hugggsssss

Sis, you have started again abi????
Weather you are plus size, minus size, multiplication size, division size or quadratic equation size, WE LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.◉‿◉.
By the way, you look HOT in da pics👍.
Who are the guys in the group pix. I already recognize the two lovely angels in the picture with you.😀

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Oh lawd! You give the best compliments in the world! Thanks Linksman. The 2 young men are my "sons" in the choir. They sing like angels

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