My Actifit Report Card: February 1 2020

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Hello Actifiters. How are y'all doing today? As you can see up there, I am fine and! I wasn't very active today. I had lectures almost all through the day and would probably not have gotten up to 2000 steps if I hadn't deliberately left the car at home and taken a walk. I didn't walk all the way back and forth but I made sure I took 2000 steps before calling a cab. The classes were very interactive and highly engaging and it was fun impacting knowledge on such an enthusiastic group of students. I realize I am lethargic about my physical heath and exercise and I will do my best to push up my step count tomorrow in church (if I remember not to wear heels). Cheers!

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I remember being told time without number while i was still a baby that sharing of food is part of love your neighbor as yourself.
Nice pix.

Come join me bro... I will do my brotherly duty trust me. Lol

Ahaaaaaaaa!!!!! You see now???? So, this how you dey enjoy yaself finish, come clean mouth and dey talk weight this, weight that. You no even invite me to this kind of jollification??? Chaiiii, there iz God oooo.
I don vex, me sef is going on a jollification spree!!!!
You are not invited!!!!!

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