My Actifit Report Card: January 29 2020

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Hello Actifiters! I have been away too long and that's not very good of me. On one hand, it has been a very busy and productive month offline while on the other hand, I have been uninspired with the writing online. I'm gonna try to step up my game from hence and hopefully get back into the flow. I have also not been exercising much. In fact, I haven't checked my weight at all this year. I intend to start using the Actifit app all over again. I hope to get back to becoming more physically active and shedding some weight.

It's been an amazing month for me. Business has been great and the days have been flying by in a whirlwind of activities. It's a bit of a surprise to realize that the month is ending in two days! I hope other months of the year would be as good as this one or even better. How have y'all been guys?

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It's ok to have a real life offline. Dem no born us ontop internet.
As for the weight, shey you have started again???😱
Let sleeping beauty lie down in peace oooo.
Don't worry, I go soon ban mirrors in ya house.

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Hey I have missed you. How have you been?!

Am good sis. Just been weathering the January financial drought. Thank God, for providing me with an "Oasis" to cushion the APC weather.
Make I go find trouble small for iya Risika buka!!!! My meat for my plate no complete.
Take care of yourself and the family.
Hugzzzzz to everyone.

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