My Actifit Report Card: January 9 2020

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Hi there Actifiters. How's the second week in January going for you? Productive or laid back?
Mine has been full of church activities and unexpected sales. I keep getting calls out of the blues from prospective perfume clients referred by other satisfied clients. I have made more sales since the beginning of January than I made through out the entire holiday period in December. This has really made my week. I guess it's a compensation of some sorts for my ankle injury.

As you can tell from my step count, I have been mostly immobile. My ankle doesn't hurt anymore but it aches badly when I stand or walk for longer than 3 to 5 minutes. I was driven around by a dear friend for the better part of today as driving puts more strain on the ankle. I have taken to putting my feet up at every chance I get. I'm not sure what the theory behind this but the nagging ache seems to disappear when my feet are up.

There is a bright side to this leg injury though; I've got everyone dotting on me and generally spoiling me. I'm enjoying the attention while it lasts and looking forward to being independent again. It would be awesome to be able to get into the car and drive wherever I please without waiting for anyone to take me around. Tell me, how has your own day been?

Cheers and thanks for reading!

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Hey Sis,
I am glad you are feeling better as the days go by. Enjoy all the attention you are getting. You deserve it.
My day has been very laid back. Been like that all through last week as biz is still in holiday mode.
I am very happy to hear your biz is doing very well this early into the new year. I prays it continues like that and never slows down throughout the year.
Take good care of yourself and the family.
Remember, whether Orobo or Lepa Shandy, we luv you just the way you are.

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Amen ooo! You bro are the best! You say the nicest things! Howz you cute baby? What business do you do? Why did you stop posting sef?

Awwww!!! Stop it joor!!! You are making blush 😊😊😊.
All this your nice words just make me dey smile like say I win jackpot.
As for my cuttie pie, she is on Xmas break. She will resume full duty after February 14th😁😁😁.
As for my business, I am into computer sales, supplies, repairs and installation. I also do digital satellite TV sales and installation.
I teach computer hardware installation and networking when I get chance.
Infact, I am into any legit biz wey go bring better money 💰.
I am also a good office assistant.
I dey look for work for aso rock or national assembly complex. Make you connect me oooo.

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The day I will be able to pay you is the day I will know I have arrived! Ghen ghen! Digital Satellite TV Installation...interesting! Do you mean stuff like GOTV & DSTV? Been wanting to get GOTV but been stalling for financial reasons.

Wait though! How can your baby be on break till Feb 14th? I thought I read on your blog that your wife put to bed sometime back...or was I wrong?

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