My Actifit Report Card: January 6 2020

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Okay people! So, I knocked myself out today for sure! After avoiding the gym for almost 4 weeks, I went in determined to give it my best shot. Unfortunately, I must have pushed myself a little too hard too soon because I took a fall after less than 10 minutes of running on the treadmill. I twisted my ankle and hurt my shoulder in the process. This has never ever happened before. I guess I set the pace way too fast and should have slowed down as soon as I realized I was out of breath.

Right now, my body aches badly. My shoulder and ankle are still throbbing, my legs and thighs feel sore and my pride is still smarting from the embarrassment of that completely inelegant fall. I doubt I would go to the gym tomorrow especially because I'm still in pain and I'm not ready to face people's commiseration and well wishes. I hope they all forget about it as soon as possible. I hope your day was better than mine.



Aaaaaaaahhhh!!!! What hapin???? Who??? Where???? Chaiiii, my enemies have failed!!!!
Who are the owners of the threadmilll abi the gym sef? I am going to sue their asses for a calculated attempt to wunjor my sis.
Look, I am not going to tell you sorry or pelle. Forget about hearing soonest recovered either. All I want to tell you is to leave this weight alone ooooo. This na new year oooo. Shey eti gbor????
Anybody that venture to tell you sorry will be regarded as Hate Speech. And they will be dealt with by DSS.
Abeg tell hubby to use his magic fingers to distribute a hot body massage with aboniki!!!ll that should work wonders 😁😁😁.

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Hahahahaha You are something else I swear! It was my fault not the gym's. If I listen to you and abandon weight loss efforts, I would become too big I'm sure. Im definitely taking you up on the massage advice though

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