My Actifit Report Card: September 10 2018

in actifit •  2 months ago

Another busy day today. My morning started with a 3 mile walk with Rosko, then I did a 2 1/2 mile run. I did the run in 16 minutes so I averaged 6:30 miles, not to terrible considering I haven't been running all that much lately. I'm proud of myself atleast. LoL

After that I had to start preparing for hurricane florence which meant mowing, weed whacking and raking the culverts so the water can drain and flow easily, sounds easy enough but it is a huge job! I don't have neighbors on one side and on the other side they are old (so I'm doing theirs too) so I'm stuck doing about 500 meters of it even tho only 150 to 200 meters of it was actually my frontage. I only got about half way done so tomorrow should be another fun day lol.

I had missed a few days of posting my actifit because I decided to take a technology break over the weekend, no phone, no computer or internet of any kind. Sometimes I like to do that just to clear my head a bit and challenge myself.

Hurricane florence is heading right for us so I'm hoping it won't take out our power (or for to long if it does) or flood us out to bad. We are only 30 miles from the coast so people around here are kind of freaking out. Wish me luck thru the storm! LoL 😉

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