My Actifit Report Card: August 31 2018

in actifit •  3 months ago

Found this pretty flower on my walk today. Different color flowers seem to bloom on this plant throughout the summer, I think that's really awesome.

Not to much happened today because it was 80F degrees by 730am and extremely humid. Rosko was panting pretty hard so we turned around early, we probably walked about 3 miles today.

Ofcourse I also walked my other dog Loki down to the empty field to play catch with him..

Then I mowed a section of my lawn but it just got way to hot to finish that so I worked on my garden for a while and that was all I could handle.. I was a bum the rest of the day! LoL 😁✌


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I believe that’s a morning glory, only white. The purple morning glories are in my top 3 favourite flowers. I just can’t grow them because they’re considered an agressive weed. They will take over your garden and all the surrounding neighbour’s if you allow them. Below is a picture from the net. They’re a climbers, and so beautiful to see when they bloom in the morning. I’d love to wake up to a wall of them. But in our last place, my husband got fed up trimming the vine back. They spread crazy fast and attract wasps. Still, I’m tempted to have a weed mysteriously appear in our garden...

13k of steps? I can totally beat that! But I’m on the 1st of Aug...confused.



That sounds right, they were growing like weeds by the farmers fields.. I guess the farmers got sick of them though because they were all cut down today on my walk 😢 so i didn't get to enjoy thousands of flowers this morning.

Good thing I have pictures of the pink and purple flowers too!

The 13K steps was my yesterday (friday) steps, so u did beat me 😉..

Its the weekend now so I did a hardcore hour long workout but unfortunately none of that counts towards actifit because I put my phone down when I do cross fit and calisthedics otherwise i might break my phone..


You just need a good case. I drop my phone often, but my case saves me every time. If you didn’t count it on actifit, it didn’t happen, no matter how hardcore. 😛

I’m trying to limit comment upvoting atm, need to recharge VP, but I’m a sucker for flowers and there’s morning glories! ❤️

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