Fortunate One CCR (My Actifit Report Card: August 2 2018)

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Fortunate Ones

Today was sports day for our Summer English camp. I got a lot of steps in playing dodge ball and freeze tag. It is a great game to play inside an air-conditioned gym with a group of kids. We are the fortunate ones and have a bottle of water to drink after we are done playing.

Some are not so fortunate after a week of over 100 F days every piece of shade is in demand. Without air conditioning houses are too hot and people go outside. This man here has been suffering from Parkinson's disease since I came to Korea twenty years ago. He used to play the saxophone on the corner but recently he had to sell his sax and bought a portable karaoke set and sings. Today he was too hot and tired to sing.

He is just resting and will go back to his house later in the evening. I left him my water bottle. There is also a rest room nearby with clean water he can use. I just checked to make sure he was breathing. I didn't really want to wake him. When the weather gets cooler again I will share some of his karaoke. He sings mostly gospel, blues and traditional Korean songs. I pass by this park everyday and see him on the way home from work sometimes. Pray for him. I will give him a large tip the next time I see him.


I don't feel so noble about getting my steps and getting my crypto today. I feel kind of selfish and stupid for thinking I'm the only on that suffers. Tomorrow I hope to see my friend again in the park and I hope he is feeling better.

It's our last day of English camp and we will visit the English village. These kids are very lucky that got a teacher who persuaded the office of education to front all the expenses for the camp. And I'm really honored to know these kids and spend the last few days with them.

Who is the fortunate one?

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aqui visitando su blog,espero contar con su apoyo,saludos desde venezuela amigo


Saludos amigo^^ I'm not sure if I have a pollo. How is Venezuela today?


hello sir @mineopoly i need sbd can you please help me or say me how to buy sbd.


You can exchange Steem for SBD in the wallet in the market option.

I hope your temperatures cool down. It’s hot enough here but not 100F. It was 32C ( 90F) the last few days but a bit of a breeze this evening. That poor man. You were kind to him.
Glad you got your steps in at the camp. ❤️


Thanks for understanding @reedheadpei. 90 would be welcomed but it doesn't get that cool in the evenings here yet. It has been a strange summer. I kind of wish I had taken my vacation a week earlier but part of my mission in life is just being in Korea.

The man in the park has been around and he will be fine. When I get back from America towards the end of August I will give him a bonus and ask if I can take a video of one of his songs. He is really graceful and cool when he sings the blues or some old american pop song.

Today we went on a field trip to an "English Village." It was totally hot there and I got a lot of steps but I didn't use the app. I was outside most of the time and used the phone to take pictures. Altogether we had forty students and two teachers, but this English village had kids from all over Seoul and it was pretty crowded and a little disorganized. We will make a video. I can't post it here but I can post a few videos from the camp.

Now my own kids are sick. I think they have air conditioning flu. I have to take them to the doctor tomorrow and then pack and we will be at the airport hotel after church on Sunday.

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Thank you actifit for keeping us fit and giving me even more incentive to walk around.

howdy @mineopoly! too hot to walk much for your Actifit, that's getting hot but summer ends pretty soon there doesn't it? About the time you get used to the heat? lol. won't be too cool either probably.