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Past events such as yesterday
/ JiaoXi

Give you the words were throat
She closed her mouth on the pale paper
How do you get started
Block the bite of memories
Now I'm like a thief
Stole your vivid eyes
Also stole away to the person's gentleness
Where do I go to confess
You always know better than I do
You are blessed with a hard heart
I'll never get up to that
Hang around new friends
Old friends became their so-and-so
When you're bright
I haven't been able to get to the exit yet
Worried about how ugly I've become over the years
Withered and emaciated by tortures
People came and went, their smiles bent
Think back to the last time you look back
I say your name and my lips tremble
You're lucky enough
It's taking my life and piecing it together
Yesterday you said
Who took care of who's time wasted