My Actifit Report Card: April 6 2019 - Low

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OMG only 2K 😮

But I'll post it anyway. I was moving furniture again today. I had to help organize some furniture from a friend's house that is stored where I'm living.

I didn't sleep well last night so I took a long nap most of the day actually! 😴

Here's a song called Low, in honor of my low number. Does anyone remember this? It's a pretty moody tune. This video was in heavy rotation when MTV actually was Music Television. Sandra Bernhard is the woman in this quite artistic video.

Cracker - Low

A million poppies gonna make me sleep
Just one rose it knows your name
The fruit is rusting on the vine
A fruit is calling from the trees

Hey don't you wanna go down
Like some junky cosmonaut
A million miles below their feet
A million miles, a million miles

I'll be with you, girl, like being low
Hey, hey, hey like being stoned
I'll be with you, girl, like being low
Hey, hey, hey like being stoned

I hope you're having a good weekend! ❤👍❤

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Hey you gotta have days like that. You go and go and go, and finally you need a catch up day. And moving more furniture around, I'd think you would have had enough of that recently. That was a very artistic video, I'd have to watch it several more times to catch all the symbolism. The bicycle rolling backward...hmmmm. And I wasn't expecting the boxing match.

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Today's very lowest steps I am seeing here don't worry friend.

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We have days like that man but tomorrow always comes with its own opportunity, so we look for better days ahead. Cheers

Oh oh. Pretty low today compare to ypur usual count. Probably you must have been tired

Great post 👍. thanks for sharing this post..
I like it this post.
Upvote and resteemit done sir 👌

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At least you got something buddy, when I am not feeling it I usually dont get anything lol. By the way, Kenny Bot is kicking butt in drugwars!

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