My Actifit Report Card: September 10 2018

in actifit •  2 months ago

Hurricane Florence is coming my way so I spent all day preparing!!! 😮 Over 40k!!! 👍

Almost all my activity today was making sure I am ready. I went to the store to get some essential items. I made sure I have a way to store some extra water. I'm charging all my devices and backing up all my computers. It's been a long day but I am ready for whatever happens! I'm not that worried because I am inland but I'm still in the expected path and it will at the least be a very heavy rain storm by the time it gets here.

I also had my phone in my hand while I was jumping around to some fast music, like usual. The community pool is closed and the time that I would be spent swimming is now spent just dancing around the house.

So I hope all my friends are doing well and if anybody is experiencing bad weather I hope you all stay safe. if you don't see me for a few days I got busy with further preparation but I always look forward to seeing what you all are doing! ❤

Daily Activity, Dancing, House Chores

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Stay safe Kenny. Get everything prepared and stay alert on the weather forecasts. Great work hitting 40k!

Hurricane ke? Abeg sit-down house nor go enter wahala oo 😆😆

The down pour these days is getting out of hand really. Nice update

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Natural Disasters is happening all over the world. I can't do much but pray that it all will be over soon. Stay safe @kenny-crane.

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OMG @kenny-crane I saw it on the news this morning. Please stay safe.


Thanks, I'm doing everything I can. I still have a few more days because it won't be here until Thursday.

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@kenny-crane please stay safe. Here in my town when the rain is so heavy and I'm already worried & scared. God with you 🙏

41k... To the leaderboard?!

Good idea getting prepared. Hopefully you won't get the worst of the storm.


just my luck, when I go in the app and press view daily leaderboard I get a Json error! But maybe I will show up in the top 10 when they do their post tomorrow on Steemit. 👍

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You have great numbers friend..
This is awesome...