My Actifit Report Card: February 3 2019

in actifit •  19 days ago

I am testing the beta version of Actifit for the IPhone with my Fitbit today. I have been working around the house, inside and outside. I also smoked some food in my electric smoker.

Daily Activity,House Chores,Walking
5.75 ft
132 lb
Body Fat

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Excellent photo @jluvs2fly and academic performance, I wish you good luck with your testing!

Great start and I'm glad to see your first report!

Oh yes @jluvs2fly, you were quite active today and did a lot of things!

Very appetizing photo and great activity!

@jluvs2fly, your wings look great. I love meats that have been smoked. That smoked flavor has such an amazing taste.

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It's unfortunate that I have to downvote this post, I'm a vegan, and as a vegan I find it difficult to turn a blind eye to stuff like this. You could call it an opinion however I call it animal cruelty, I hate to break it to you and your followers but this these are not your wings, those wings belonged to a beautiful sentient bird 🐦 that wanted to live. Even if it was bred in to existence it was not alive to serve human consumption.

this documentary is important to watch to get facts about what is food and what is not. I'm fully aware that I may get some people fired up and angry with my comments but it's about time we question our moral and ethics.

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