My Actifit Report Card: September 8 2018

in actifit •  6 months ago

I have been feeling poorly today so I have been taking it easy. My daily goal is 5,000 steps in my Fitbit, but I just have a little over 4,000 steps.

I am still trying to incorporate using my cell phone to log activity. I even made myself a pouch with an elastic band that I can wear right below my knee or on my arm.


I went shopping to get the ingredients for my homemade chicken soup which I made as my medicine. I also opened a bottle of Pinot Noir to drink as I cooked.



I still didn’t get but a portion of my activity recorded but I will master it soon.

Shopping,House Chores

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That’s an interesting combination, wine and soup. Soup looks delicious.


The wine acted as an analgesic. It was delicious as well. 😊

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