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RE: The transition to human- My Actifit Report Card: October 29 2019

in #actifit5 years ago

Wonderful images! Is that you, and do you then use a photo altering software like DeepDreamGenerator? The Kantian philosophy you've quoted is strikingly similar to the Golden Rule. I can only assume that there is some kind of universal knowledge of this concept; but then we have to wonder why there is so much emotional damage and pain in this world? Treating others with kindness and respect is the most basic of tenets!

I love #Actifit. It's wonderful what gems of wonder and wisdom you can find in people's posts!


Yes, it's me and I use the generator. It is correct is the golden rule that was born in religious context, Kant raised it to ethics.Thank you so much, beautiful lady.

Ah, very nice explanation. Thank you!

you are welcome 🌞

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