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in actifit •  16 days ago

At the time of reporting, it is 8:00PM here and I am about to retire. I have had a very tedious day with my exams in school. My activities for today were highly composed mainly of walking exercises and my normal daily activities. I walked a some few meters from from my house to the road where I picked up a taxi and when I dropped, I had to walk a few to reach school.

I really had time to walk a good distance from my way back to school because I had to drop far off from my home at the main commercial center here in the city to get something.
From there, I walked all the way home. I also did some aerobic exercises when I got home. I am calling it the day and my counts have seen improvements today from what I had yesterday. I hope to improve continuously as the days go by.

Aerobics, Daily Activity, Walking

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