My Actifit Report Card: February 19 2019

in actifit •  4 months ago 

My park has newly made vegetable farm and fish pond!!! I was overjoyed, I wanna give credits to the DBKK Kingfisher Council for doing this.

Previous activity count:-
1st: 1638
2nd: 1958
Today: 2818


I used to walk and jog here (2 years back, on and off) but the park seemed empty and small. NOW, it's still small but there was so much to see!!! Even oxygen production increased. Of course~😼😼😼

After 1 week of low carb, I felt great. I only felt a little headache if I happen to starve myself from sugar or carbs. Why does that happen?😿😿😿

Okay, I'll drive home now and have my brekkie - 2 eggs, 2 Jacob's crackers and 1 fruit. Coffee, come here!😾😾😾

Good day to all of you and Happy Harmony!😽😽😽


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Do you watch what you eat?
You even count your crackers hahaha
Keep going actifiter :D


Yes I do. My doctor scheduled me to see a dietitian. She gave me a very good target and diet plan. Everything had to be counted, haha. I know right!? It's awesome though. I've never been fit in my life.

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