Hike to Kopparfjellet 911 m. Northern Norway.

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It was great weather today also. In Northern Norway it is not granted, so out we go. Today we took a walk to a little peak a few miles from home. The mountain is called Kopparfjellet and is 911 m. above the sea.



The peak on Kopparfjellet is behind Nero up to the right. We came across this red bushes. It was only on this rock they was became red. Of course I had to try to use them in a photo and of course Nero had to try their comfort, maybe good to take a rest on. I got a photo and nero a red sleeping mat. :-)






Best regards


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I just love it how you can create beautiful layered images like that in the mountains. You can sense the large scale and the openness of the space in the second last photo.


Yes panoramas give a more open feeling and space. Lightroom handles it very well. I merged 2 pictures in that photo.

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Nero is jealous for your attention. Of course he has to lie right on the subject of your photo :) Great photos. I really admire the time you spend outdoors. Great lifestyle in a beautiful place.

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Sitting on the edge.. Awesome photograph...
Beautiful view..
No words for this photograph awesome..