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RE: My Actifit Report Card: June 12 2019

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Woohoo! No more exams! That calls for a celebration! Or at least a Starbucks visit :p

I make the same mistake sometimes with not having the step count on. But well done on catching up to the 5K mark afterwards:)


Haha funnily enough, I did go to Starbucks!!! LOL!

Thank you!! I have made sure that I kept my step count on today!! Currently at 8.5K and will hopefully get over 10K!!

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Oh you go girl! I haven't looked yet, but I bet you did get it :D

If anything, you got more than me! I didn't do anything for it today lol. My legs told me to take it easy today lol.

Haha! It's good to have a break every now again, especially in the heat!

It was so hot yesterday, it tired me out so much! I could have easily just gone home and slept!

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