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RE: My Actifit Report Card: June 9 2019

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Ha! I don't blame you! It looks so good and it's so hot, it was here today too! Wanna share? Oh wait, that was 3 hrs ago, nvm. LOL

It was a good day here as well but I can't compare in step counts. I'm trying to get the 6000 going but I doubt I will get there. I'm pooped, this heat is killing me!

Well done on getting the 7K!

Looking good there @cheese4ead and @crypt0wid0w! :D


Lol!! Its so hot at the moment it's crazy! I want winter back in times like this but summer back during winter!!

Sorry for the late response! Hope you are well!

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No need to apologize ^_^

I know what you mean, it's still too soon to be saying that here as we are soon about to hit summer, even though it feels like we skipped spring. With such long winters and short summers, I try to embrace it as much as I can, but that can be hard work lol.

That's very true! If I'm finding this tough then I'm really going to struggle in Malaysia!!! Lol!

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I've never been to Malaysia so I can't say I have an idea of what it's like. It will be good to find interesting ways to keep the heat off. I just tend to jump in a cold shower but when touring I dont think thats possible lol. Dress in layers and peel them off one by one as you go to give you that illusion that you are cooling off? LOL

Thats a good idea, I could try it! Lol!! I'll have a look! Haha! We'll be staying at the beach, I guess I'll just have to run down to the water every now and then! XD

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