My Actifit Report Card: February 3 2020

in #actifit4 years ago

Although it was a bad day that should have not happened, I'm not sad or desperate. It's a new month and I started really bad.

Being busy most of the day did not help me accomplish what I've supposed to and made everything harder.

When I had time to do my cycling it was late already and was tired. I could only do 10km at a very slow pace. I'm not really proud of this but it is what it is, I have to deal with it and do better today.

Plus I've failed to reach 5k which is very bad and should never happen.

I haven't said anything about weight loss lately, so it's time to do it now. I'm continuing my journey with a few exceptions. I lost two kilos in one month. It may seem nothing to some but I'm not in a hurry, my goal is to lose weight and find a sustainable form of life (eating and workout) that I can practice long time. I'm ok with the results and continuing my journey.

Cycling, Daily Activity

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