Aghhhhhh!!!! Actifit AFTER midnight!!!!

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I forgot!!!

12000 steps unaccounted for


Well there they are. 12531... I can't believe it!!!

@xcountytravelers.... Didn't you just talk about that yesterday? Lolol

Gah! I can't wait til they update it with the ability to post yesterday's steps

But..oh well

I got the steps in,in real life. And that is most important !
But... POOOOP!!!!!

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  ·  last month (edited)

haha, I did not even post I was too busy minecrafting ( I stole the -ing from @insaneworks)


You stole one -ing, I have still hundred million thousand zillion left.


2 -ings. Mincrafting and stealing your -ing :)


Now where are my buttons?!

I did the same thing on Monday when I achieved 14,000 steps. I was so frustrated with myself. haha.

I guess we are all suffering from my stroke brain today! hahaha!

Boo indeed 😀👍

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AHHHH! I did this too a couple of days ago... I thought I would do it when I got home... except I got home after midnight....

Woow it could be a good idea if the app make an automatic post before midnight :)

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