Post Holiday Fever. Taking It Slow?

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What do you do on a lazy day?

Oh! If only I could, I would lie down the whole day and sleep.

But then again, it's back to work for us today with our thoughts focused the whole time to going home early. Why not, when there were only three of us in the office and perhaps just a couple more in our whole building.

Most of the companies were still off today, in celebration of Eid Al Adha.

Slow Morning

I woke up at 5am as usual, and set my target to 1.5hrs and 7kms just like yesterday and the day before that.

I headed off to jog at the playground but took it slow because my legs feel sore. I had to stop at every kilometer point to give my legs a quick massage.

I just tried to focus on a 5km goal to keep me going. When I reached 5km, I finally was able to set my mind to my full distance goal. I finished 7kms after around 1 hour 18 minutes, 12 minutes short of my target workout time.

But nope, I could not force myself anymore.


I had almost 600 emails sitting in my inbox, which I had to catch up on from my recent 2 weeks leave. However, there were also 2 very important tasks I needed to complete. No matter how I wanted, I just couldn't bring myself to ask my boss if we could leave early today.

At lunch, we decided to go to the nearby Abu Dhabi mall and ate at Athena Restaurant in the food court. By the name, it must be a Greek resto but I am not sure since I have not tried authentic Greek cuisine.

Grilled Hammour fish, salad, mashed potatoes and rice noodles for me.

Eeekkk! Too much food! 😨

Good thing, my colleague and I agreed to jog a few kilometers again after office. Whew! Shake off those extra fats!

Arc Towers, Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi

Boss finally agreed we can go home a little bit earlier today so we left at around 5.30pm(we work til 6pm.)

We changed and headed off to Al Reem Island. It was actually my first time to go to that area and I was amazed by the nice architecture surrounding me.

The sunset made it even more dramatic.

Right?! 😉

Dying Phone

Did you notice "safe mode" still there on the bottom left corner of the last two pictures? Since my battery was less that 5% I could not take photos directly from camera so I took them with the Messenger app. Problem though, since my phone was on safe mode, I could not save the pictures on my device. I had to take screenshots! Lol.

Hmmm... lots of expenses coming through next month, I am not ready to buy a new phone.

Hang in there, strong girl. You'll get the rest you deserve pretty soon. fingers crossed.

❤️️ Arlyn


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Wow, you go girl! What a day! Whew! 👍👍🙌🙌


She have a muscle now! Nyahahaha... Muscle in legs! Less baby fats on her hips! Lose 3kilo of weights! Amazing!


Haha! Yeahhh.. what a day indeed. I really need to stay active since my work is mostly sitting behind the desk only and it's not doing me good. 😆😅

Go go Mommy arrlin! Hardwork pays off : )


I'm trying. Haha 😅😂

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