Earn $0.4 Every day free with 100++AFT TOKENS also you can Have health benefits , upvotes comments share on steemit, It counts store records every step that you makes silently.

in actifit •  3 months ago

How are you.!

This is step by step guiding tutorial for using actifit fitness tracker aps. By using this super light weight aps you can have good health as it rscords all you can check past performance data and apart form that you can have 100+++ AFTS tokens upvotes comments and also reward $0.4 ++ per day....

All step by steep process has been given in the Video please watch it and follow comments share

Thanks for reading..


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Your dtube video good but app is amazing,sir ...!


Oh really thanks for complements!!!

This is the beginning of healthy India.
It's a amazing platform , i.e. exercise with earning.
Keep exercising, keep sharing...


Yes this is all in one which both beneficial and also help full too..

Health fit to sob fit...


Yes Health is wealth..>!!!

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