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RE: Walking&thinking - Actifit journals (06.02.2019.) - crtl-x will not get me down

in #actifit5 years ago

Oh I know JUST how you feel when you've spent considerable time and thought writing something and it disappears. And it's always the time when you haven't saved it. I'm much more conscientious about regularly saving as a result ~ Touch wood.

I always have the feeling I'll never be able to recall it ~ Or not as well. But it's surprising how much actually comes back. And I've heard it said ~ It can be even better when you repeat what you had. Maybe?

I also like to think that the Universe perhaps wants more of me and is giving me a second chance. Whatever it takes not to get down about it.

Lovely photographs. Your walk looks like it must be very 'airy' ~ Great to clear the head first thing in the morning. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


That does make a certain sense yes, and I do feel that the second time I write things even though some things get lost, there are those that get added :) Thank you for your lovely comment! 💚

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