Actifit DeFi Token Sale Concludes! Actifit DeFi Soft Launch!!🚀🚀

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Actifit DeFi Token Sale Concludes!

As our Actifit DeFi token sale concludes, we would like to thank our community and all the participants on both the "Early Bird" token sale and the public token sale!

Following the conclusion of the token sale, and as defined via our process, we have gone ahead and deployed the first level liquidity onto Pancakeswap liquidity pools for AFIT and AFITX v/s BNB Pairing (30% of funds).

This helps provide initial liquidity for anyone planning to trade AFIT and/or AFITX.
So officially, AFIT and AFITX can be traded on pancakeswap as of now!


Actifit DeFi Soft Launch!!🚀🚀

For the users who are not familiar with Pancakeswap, or find the process of adding tokens there complex, or simply the ones wanting to use Actifit solutions for trading, liquidity, and all things DeFi,...

But also we know there is a lot of anticipation for the Actifit DeFi platform launch, so we decided to kick it off with a soft launch as of today, and we will be progressively releasing the additional functionality (you can have a sneak peek via the menu on the website)

So as of now, Actifit DeFi is available on
You can use 2 core functionalities of Actifit DeFi: Trading and Liquidity.
As pre-built tokens, you can easily find AFIT and AFITX tokens pre-built into the website.
Adding liquidity starting today will provide you with small rewards for every trade made. In the future, the liquidity will provide a pretty HIGH APR on the farming side, so make sure you are well prepared!


Next on the Actifit DeFi feature list would be the workouts and the shakes (our own custom version of farming). YES we are fitness-themed, what did you expect!
And how do you like our Actifit DeFi bull? 😁 (gotta check actifit defi to spot the big guy)

Next Upcoming Steps!

We do have a lot of participants and winners in our token sales, so our next steps would be as follows:

  • Announcing and rewarding our winner participants of the token sale.
  • Activating token claim on, so as all participants can receive their AFIT/AFITX
  • Distributing the AFIT airdrop to our Actifit/Hive community participants
  • Finalizing Actifit DeFi farming functionality, and launching it.
  • Getting To the moon 🌚

Did you stock up on your gadgets yet? Head over to Actifit Market NOW to WIN!

@actifit team

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