Actifit Airdrop Complete. AFIT/AFITX Tokens Claimable on Tokensale Website. Provide Pair Liquidity on Actifit DeFi

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Actifit Airdrop Complete - Check Your Wallets!

We have been quite busy the last few days finalizing all post-token sale activity. One of the key items would be the airdrop promised to our amazing community.
Yesterday marked the distribution of this airdrop, whereby all eligible airdrop participants (check this post to learn about rewards and eligibility), received their AFIT tokens on their assigned BSC wallets.
In total, 64,231 AFIT were distributed to 183 wallets.
There were a couple of wallets with incorrect addresses (2 out of 185, hence the total was 183). You can find all successful transactions on BSCscan here

Now what can you do with those AFIT tokens? You can provide liquidity as of now and start earning for every transaction performed on AFIT pairs. More on that below.

Some of the recipients of AFIT token airdrop

Claim Your Tokens on Tokensale Website - Provide Liquidity on Actifit DeFi!

Yes your tokens are now available for grabs! For all our token sale participants, you can head over to and, just below the "Buy AFIT" / "Buy AFITX" buttons, you would find "Claim AFIT" / "Claim AFITX" buttons with the amount that is claimable to you.

Example below of claimable display:

Once you click the claim button, your metamask will prompt you to approve the transaction. See below


Once done, your tokens will appear in your wallet.
As mentioned above, you can use your AFIT/AFITX to start earning extra AFIT/AFITX tokens based upon transactions being performed on related pairs, whether via Pancakeswap or Actifit DeFi, or any other DEX using PCS pools.

To do so, you can head over to the liquidity part on Actifit Defi by clicking this link (make sure AFIT and BNB are selected)
For AFITX/BNB, you can use this link, and then select amount, approve AFIT/AFITX, and then provide liquidity. You're done (for now)! As we launch our farms, you will be able to earn way higher additional rewards as well!

AFIT/BNB Liquidity

AFITX/BNB Liquidity


We have more updates tomorrow regarding HIVE rewards and POWER UP. Stay TUNED!

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