Taylor 110CE Acoustic Guitar Review

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Nothing makes buyers happier than getting value for their money. The Taylor 110ce acoustic guitar is one product that every buyer will be pleased to purchase. There's everything to love about this guitar: from the materials used in making it, to the sound it produces, the eye-catching design and the size. The 110ce guitar redefines quality and gives you an iconic tone that only a Taylor guitar can offer. Here are some of the features that makes this musical instrument exceptional.    


The Taylor 110CE Guitar is constructed with some of the finest materials, giving it a solid and exquisite look. The top of the guitar is made with Sitka spruce helping it to deliver a sharper response and higher sound velocity. The fingerboard and bridge of the guitar are made from ebony wood while the nut and saddle are made of Tusq. The use of Matte Varnish for the finish is also quite impressive.    The back, sides and neck of the Taylor 110ce are made from laminated Sapele, a wood used for high-priced guitars. Thanks to Sapele, the guitar has a smooth surface and produces high quality sound. Another advantage that Sapele offers is durability as it is known to withstand changes in humidity levels. However, laminated Sapele does not offer as much durability and resistance to the effects of constant playing as robust and high-quality tonewoods do. This means that guitars made from Sapele such as the Taylor 110ce have a lower lifespan when compared to guitars made from the solid tonewoods.    

Sound Quality

For a guitar within its price range, the Taylor 110ce offers a sound quality that is second to none. The Sitka spruce gives the guitar a wide-ranging and dynamic sound while the chrome-plated tuners allows for incredibly accurate tuning. The well-crafted gears makes it easy to stay in tune and eliminates potential slacks.  


 The Taylor 110ce is an incredibly easy-to-play guitar. Like all Taylor guitars, the 110ce has a balanced feel, producing a smooth and silk sound. The guitar is easy to position, making it suitable for both beginners and professional guitarists. The guitar also has a Venetian Cutaway design that allows easy access to upper frets.    Size The Taylor 110ce is 20 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 4-5/8 inches deep. Its portable size ensures that you can carry it anywhere you want to go. The size also makes it easy for any adult to play.    


 The materials used in constructing the guitar qualifies the Taylor 110ce as a high-end guitar. However, the guitar is surprisingly low-priced when compared to other Taylor guitars. With all the features packed in the Taylor 110ce, it should probably cost more but maybe Taylor Guitars wants every guitarist to get a feel of quality at an affordable price.    


-Produces high-quality sound -Great pickup and quality preamp -Affordable  -Clear treble and strong bass.   


 -The finish is not as good as other Taylor guitars -Tonal quality is not as impressive as other high-end Taylor series -Its layered laminate back and sides reduces its durability.   

Wrap Up 

The versatility and elegance of the Taylor 110ce guitar makes it a good buy. The top-notch materials used in the construction of the guitar guarantees comfort and excellent sound when playing. Buying this guitar gives you the opportunity to enjoy the features that only high-end Taylor guitars offer.   



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