How to FACE your PROBLEM if your problem is your face?

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🛑I'm talking about ACNE 🛑

the life ruining , ugly, evil pimples we know about. I’m sure some people can relate based on my experience
ACNE can really lower your self confidence.

So what is acne?

Acne is a disorder of the skin caused by inflammation of the skin glands and hair follicles, specifically a form found chiefly in adolescents and marked by pimples especially on the face.

So yes I’m talking about the MULTIPLE PIMPLEs!

➡️There was a point in my life when I experienced ACNE an no it’s not on my teenage years but just recently and how unlucky i am to experience ACNE on my wedding day ( sh*t right?)

of all the time in my life i could have had acne but no it was during my wedding the very special day of my life,the day that i will remember for the rest of my life .

Anyway i’m going to share my struggles and how i over come my ACNE PROBLEM.

( sorry this is the only photo that i have that some of my pimples are a bit obvious because I didn't take many pictures during that time. I was in korea when this picture was taken, the COLD weather makes the spots more obvious😳)

🛑It started little about a year ago they came out just a small whiteheads around my forehead , for awhile it started becoming pimples and it never stopped like imagine having multiple RED angry zits on my forehead and i was still doing modeling that time imagine the insecurity i felt then. The more it got infected bec. Of the make up i put since i need make up doing modeling jobs.

Anyway a co - model introduced me to a BIRTH control pill( ALTHEA brand incase your wondering)
which can help with my pimples cause probably its hormonal so i tried taking the pills and definitely it worked my clear skin was back , i never thought about pimples anymore until I stopped taking the pills because i want to be pregnant. Hello ACNE... again! :( unfortunately as I mentioned before I have acne during my WEDDING :( the same as a year before it started as a white head and boom they never stop growing like everyday when i wake up finding a pimple on my face.

So how did i over come the stress, the insecurity, the emotional depression, the sadness? HERE’s HOW

✔️PRAY! Haha i prayed everyday to help me get rid of the acne and hoping God would spare me 😅

✔️ Every time people see me they are like “ what happen to your face “ I’d be depressed and sh*t but u know i got over it i read inspirational quotes to help me , u just have to keep motivating yourself that beauty is not that important that people don’t really care about your pimples as much as u do

✔️Find a good DERMATOLOGIST, because i was so desperate i went to a famous doctor who is very strict i almost cried the first time i went to his clinic because of his lectures ( everyone who knows him , knows he lectures all his patients) 😒 because i was so desperate i waited 3 hours just to be checked by the said doctor paid expensive stuff for my face which i put am and pm everyday! Just so the evil acne would be gone

✔️cry! Haha! Yes there are times when all i did was cry bec there is nothing i can do but wait until the pimples will heal eventually ( it helps crying to release all the emotional stress and so u can pick urself back up after )

✔️DO NOT PUT MAKE UP! Okay maybe u can put liptint, kilay, eyeshadow,mascara but hell no don’t put foundation on your face or conceal the pimple it will make it worst. U just have to accept and let the world see and in time all will be gone :) trust me been there done that

✔️Clean your face morning and night especially if u have an oily face like mine( do not over wash because you will strip off natural oils in he face leading to more acne ) DO NOT touch your face when your hands are not clean!

✔️ There are some food to avoid base on my research if its hormonal acne then no dairy (like icecream,cheese,milk) anything sweet makes my acne more infected. THE POINT HERE IS EAT HEALTHIER!

✔️Find someone who can understand u, there was a time when my husband was feed up with me because i keep mentioning my pimples haha! it helps to have some you can share with and lean on

✔️Do not prick! Well i always prick 😂 okay do not prick if the pimple is not ripe haha! There is a certain time when you can prick them and there are acnes such as CYSTIC acne w/c u can never ever prick! If u have cystic acne put hot compress it helps :) also u can use the pimple sticker and place it on acne truly is a great product it contains salicylic acid

✔️Be confident‍♀️, even if u are currently fighting acne the people you love don’t really care about how you look .

Thank God time had passed, hormones starting to balance themselves out now my skin is slowly turning back to normal but I’m still continuing putting the medication on my face, also watching what I eat, and still not putting too much make up.

Hopefully I'm able to help people who are struggling with acne right now and do message me if you have questions so happy to help :)

Instagram : @crystalaberasturi


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