ACHIEVEMENT 1. My Introductory Post To Steemit

in #achievement14 months ago

Hello.. Assalamualaikum, STEEMIT friends in the world.. especially for Indonesian citizens

Good night..!! please allow me to introductory post to Steemit. Hi… my name is "Muhammad Daniel Al Fikri" and i am a @rajapost . I was born in indonesia. Now, I live in Aceh. I am a newbie in here. So, I know nothing about it. But I know that it's very different to other social media. I am interested in reading, photography and sometimes, thinking.

My hobbies are reading, writing article, playing games mobile and all of them about music. But, I have one of my favorite things to do. I love spending my free time by doing nothing or lying on my bed.


● Encouraging and advicing others in my daily articles.

● To make good freinds to share the Word of God with.

● I'am super exited to be here and i'm happy to meet you all.

● To inspire and motivate the steemit user's in the community.

Thank you all for your time reading this post. Don't forget follow and support me @rajapost and please upvote my post. Thank you very much..
We will meet again tomorrow in another theme..


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