Achievement 1 : My Introduction Post To Steemit

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Hi there! Members of newcomers community and the entire steemit world greetings to you all. I was given the name Abdul Rahim by my parents buh i am usually called faristochan by my peers. I am 15 years old. I am a ghanaian that means that i live in Ghana in the Western part of African. I reside at Meduma in the Ashanti region of Ghana. I once heard of steem from one of my friends and so i made my mind to try it out. And i believe one day cryptocurrency is going to rule and be well known to the whole world. I am a person who enjoys playing all kinds of games and watching different type of movies. And i also like studying nature. And i know success will come my way because of my hardwork and luck. I detest anything which is considered to be a form of sin. I will also post anything that will make us move on well in life in any aspect of life and also educationally and also know more about nature. My gratitude to my mentor @nas-gh who advised me that steemit is going to help me educationally and financially and also know more about life. His advice influenced me to join and post my first post of me introducing myself in this group.
Great thanks to @cryptokannon for the intructions and guidelines on how to write and complete this introductory post. Written to the attention of all the members of this noble group and @cryptokannon who is the admin of this group. In fact great thanks to all!


Dear @faristochan

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Thanks for your concern

You are welcomed @faristochan. You are most welcome to steem block, here you can comnent with many people all over the World share your content and earn more reward. You are encouraged to you #ghana tag as one of your first tag to get reach. You can also join the diary game season 2. Thanks very much for joining steem!

Thank you very much Sir. I really appreciate your comment.

You are welcome @faristochan. ever come across this platform